[INFO] 140706 C-JeS Official Site Update: Information about JYJ’s 2014 Asia Tour concerts


 photo 140706cjes.png

JYJ is launching into their full-scale Asia Tour starting with their concert at Jamsil Stadium in Seoul on August 9. They will be getting to meet their fans from Asian countries with their regular album which will be released after an absence of 3 years nationally. We are informing you about JYJ’s 2014 Asia Tour schedule.

8/9 (Sat) Jamsil Stadium in Seoul

8/16 (Sat) AsiaWorld–Expo/Arena in Hong Kong

8/23 (Sat) Beijing’s Capital Indoor Stadium (北京首都体育馆) in Beijing, China

8/30 (Sat) Quan Khu 7 Stadium in Ho Chi Minh City

9/6 (Sat) Chengdu Sports Center Stadium in Chengdu, [Sichuan,] China

9/13 (Sat) Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (TBD)

9/20 (Sat) Shanghai, China (TBD)

9/27 (Sat) Bangkok, Thailand (TBD)

* The case for the September’s schedule that is presented as the (TBD) for the above tour dates will be announced again for second time in August; we ask for your understanding about how the…

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